Crafting the ultimate care package for a new mum

The impending arrival of a new bub is an incredibly exciting time, not just for the expecting mums and dads but also extended family and friends. A baby shower is an excellent way for everyone to get together and celebrate the occasion – and the gifts you choose go a long way toward supporting this incredible journey.

We love curating our favourite gift ideas, so in this article, we’ve collected our top tips for creating the ultimate care package for new and existing mums. Grab a cup of tea, a pen and sift through our little bits of inspiration.

What to fill a baby shower hamper with

A quality water bottle: Did you know that breast milk is made up of 90 per cent water? A new mum is going to need to hydrate in a big way and being mobile isn't always an option at all times. A large, quirky-patterned water bottle will be a godsend during these moments.

Muslin wrap: Newborn babies often wake up feeling a sensation of falling, which can naturally feel overwhelming or scary. To help them settle, invest in a quality swaddle – like our muslin wraps – for a lightweight, flexible option to relax and soothe them. They’re also great for acting as a pram cover.

Audiobooks: A disrupted sleep schedule, long sessions trying to calm down the bub, night-time feeding – new mums have a lot in store for them. When the going gets tough, a source of entertainment (or just much-needed R&R) is always appreciated. Audiobooks are a great way to achieve this, and they can be enjoyed at all times of day and night without disturbing anyone else in the house and leaving mum’s hands free for all that cuddling.

Cook books: Time management and exhaustion have a major impact on everyday life, so help mum eat healthy and enjoy nutritious food to keep her energy levels up and wellbeing on track—gift cooking books with easy-to-make options that she can use when the spare time happens to roll around. Or better yet, to mark her favourite recipes and hand the book, with a wink, to her partner or caring friend.

What we recommend avoiding

Try and stay clear of getting too many nursery decor items. While the little one always needs lots of goodies, a care package should also be about pampering mums (or dads) during this overwhelming time.

Beyond this, we also recommend avoiding joke items or products that aren’t always going to meet the mood. While a sense of fun and light-heartedness is always welcome, there’s a time and place, so make sure you factor this into who you’re providing a care package for.

Include something for the little one

As we mentioned above, any care packages must be geared around the new mum or caregiver, but the little one shouldn't be forgotten either. It's a balancing act, and we recommend picking out a gift for a newborn baby that fulfils a variety of needs and purposes.

Consider cute, vibrant and functional gifts like a wooden teether or swaddle – both of which you can never have too many of. Any kind of essential that helps both mum and bub out will always be much appreciated too like our non-toxic silicone bangles that are designed for mum to wear as a stylish accessory and will always have ‘on hand‘ for bub to play with a chew when they are teething.

Stuck on ideas and need some more inspiration? Explore our range online for a wide variety of adorable designs and high-quality essentials that babies and toddlers love.