Natural Wooden Baby Toys - Australian Made

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These gorgeous Wooden Baby Toys are all handmade to our own designs by Steve - a very clever craftsman in Victoria, Australia.

10 products

10 products

Australian Made Baby Toys

Here at Lil’ Creatures, we love wooden toys for their beauty, durability, and that they are made of natural, safe, non-toxic materials. Our lovely wooden toys are all hand-made in Australia to our own unique designs by a very talented craftsman in Victoria called Steve. They from naturally organic sourced from Beech Wood (some have Jarrah inlays) that have been sealed with 100% Pure Organic Tung Oil. We love how seamlessly wooden baby toys they blend into any home decor without creating a bright plastic eyesore, or the jarring rattle noises, like some children’s toys do. Plus, toys made of natural materials nourishes a young child’s senses and connects them to nature.

Personalise Your Wooden Baby Gifts

All our wooden baby teething rings and rattles can be personalised with baby’s name to make a very special keepsake gift that will be treasured for years to come. To personalise them we use a clever laser to engrave their name into the wooden surface.


After baby is no longer needing their wooden toy, why not add a loop or hook to the top and add it to your Christmas tree decoration collection to bring back these sweet memories every year!

Caring for Your Wooden Toys

Wood has natural anti-bacterial properties, so germs don’t stick around as much as they may on toys made of plastic, rubber, or other materials. There are just a few easy steps to keeping wooden toys fresh so they can be passed on for years to come:
Clean quickly with a mild soap and water, rinsing thoroughly, pat dry with a clean cloth, then allow to air dry in an open space. Or simply wipe over with a 1:1 vinegar and water solution and let air dry. Maintain your wooden toy for years to come by occasionally wiping over with a natural beeswax wood finish or coconut oil.
NOTE: never soak, boil, freeze, or heat wooden toys as this may make the wood expand causing it to swell, weaken and crack.
* This information is also found in the card that comes together with your teether.

Some common FAQs about wooden baby toys:

Why Wood? Isn’t it too hard to chew?
YES! That is the main reason why we use hardwood for our teethers! When baby’s teeth are erupting, the hardness of the wood helps to take the pressure off from their extremely itchy and aching gums.
Do wooden teether have splinters?
Lil’ Creatures Wooden Teethers and Rattles are made from natural Beech wood - a hardwood which has a higher density as compared to other wood like Pine Wood, they are hence better suited as teething toys as they do not break easily.
How long can I use the wooden teether?
With proper care and conditioning, your wooden teethers will last for a very long time!  NOTE: check the teether regularly for any damage – as your baby’s teeth grow, it is possible that the toy will suffer some chipping and scratching. If this happens, replace the toy immediately.
Can I freeze my wooden teethers?
Unfortunately, not. Freezing Wood may cause it to expand, which may result in swelling.

We know you will love your special Australian made wooden baby toys as much as we do.