Help Save The Koala with Lil’ Creatures

Koalas mean so much to the world. Even the hardest human heart melts when it comes into close contact with them – especially in the wild. In conservation terms, the Koala is a ‘flagship’ species for other lesser-known parts of the ecosystem. The Koala’s struggle tells us that the bush is in trouble.

Koalas do not harm anyone. They live in our backyards. It’s up to us to keep them alive and healthy in the bush.

Koalas are in serious decline suffering from the effects of habitat destruction, domestic dog attacks, bushfires and road accidents.

This is a symbolic Koala adoption, or a ‘foster’ program. Our monthly donation goes towards the work of helping save Koalas in the wild; so by adopting one of these gorgeous Koalas, we are helping their less fortunate wild cousins!
Click here to learn more about adopting a koala of your own.

In addition, Lil’ Creatures is so proud to be able to give back to the cute creature that has inspired our journey so much!  We sponsor The Koala Foundation by donating $2 for every Lil’ Koala that you buy on our website to the Australian Koala Foundation to go towards the work of helping save koalas in the wild.

The Australian Koala Foundation’s (AKF) research indicates that the Koala is in trouble and that extinctions of local populations have already occurred. In contrast to the millions of Koalas which were thought to be present at the time of European settlement, the AKF believes that there could be less than 80,000 remaining today, possibly as few as 43,000. If this rate of decline continues then yes, the Koala is at risk of extinction.

The Koala is Australia’s living icon, we should do everything we can to help protect them!

For any more information about the plight of the Koalas and how you can help, or just for some interesting facts see .

x Carly & the Lil' Creatures.