Silicone Teething Toys & Bangles

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5 products

Silicone teethers bring much-needed relief for babies

Our designs are curated in Australia and are not only considered fashionable for mum, but given the size and impeccable quality, they can also be considered a soothing, silicone baby toy for your little one. You’ll always have something safe and fun on hand for when you’re both out and about.


Adorable designs made to soothe growing gums

Across Australia, designs made from this kind of material are becoming more and more popular. Why? Because this gentle, safe resource is perfect for little chompers that like to put objects in their mouths. Featuring food-grade materials and no BPA, lead, latex or PVC, these alternatives are a safer way to give your little bub relief during teething.

As your child goes through this stage in their life, they’ll experience discomfort as their tiny teeth start to push their way through their growing gums. As you can imagine, your baby’s gums will be extremely sensitive, so it’s important to choose silicone teething rings or bracelets that are gentle and supportive. Our designs specifically cater to this, and don’t encourage the growth of bacteria or mould.

Note: No matter the product, though, it’s essential that you always supervise your child during the use of these toys. No baby should be left unattended with any kind of accessory. While our designs are made to be as safe and compliant as possible, it’s always well worth keeping an eye on your munchkin.

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