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Hello, I’m Carly, founder & designer at Lil’ Creatures, and here is a lil’ bit about this journey and what makes Lil’ Creatures so different from the rest.

I’ll start with how Lil’ Creatures came to be… hand designed and created one costume at a time, dyed and stitched to be the most comfortable, soft and adorable thing I could think up for each of my own baby’s milestones.

I designed and made my first ever baby costume after being invited to a Halloween Party. I wanted a costume for my 3-month-old son, Hugo, which was cute, fun, well made but most importantly soft, natural and comfortable enough for him to wear all day even during naps.

Of course, that was just the start. From there I made a reindeer for Christmas, a bunny for Easter and a penguin suit for my sister’s wedding – at 13 months he had a perfect waddle up that isle! By this time I had requests from friends and family who loved my style and also the natural quality and wanted one for their babies or as gifts for baby showers and the new baby in their lives. With all this encouragement, a background in children’s fashion design for a leading Australian label and a lifetime of sewing with my Mom (she’s Canadian, so we spell it her way) and Grandma Joy-Joy, all roads were leading me in one direction – my Lil’ Creatures business began. 

From this initial idea back in 2010, Lil’ Creatures has grown from a messy dining-table sewing side-hustle into the gorgeous collection we have today, which now includes 8 creatures for babies and toddlers, hat & tail sets for big kids (and even adults!), and a collection of beautiful gifts for baby showers and new mums and have happy customers all over the world.

Forward to today and my costumes are available wholesale for childrenswear and specialty retail stores, and to individuals worldwide through our new website. It has been an exciting, and busy few years which included the arrival of my second son, Tatum, and an interstate move from Melbourne to my hometown of Newcastle, NSW. My beautiful boys are the inspiration for these costumes so you can be sure of the love and attention that goes into each design.

I love my job and thank you so much for your support – please share some of your photos, it makes me so happy to see them!

x Carly & the Lil' Creatures.