Hello.  Welcome to Lil’ Creatures, I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m Carly, founder & designer at Lil’ Creatures.  I’ve been working in the childrenswear world for a long time now and absolutely love it!

For the first (almost) 10 years of my career I worked as the textile and fashion designer for one of Australia’s leading and most loved baby and children’s brands, before life lead me from Melbourne back to my hometown of Newcastle, NSW, and took this lil’ hobby to centre stage.


Lil’ Creatures began with an invitation to a Halloween party and me as a new mum working part-time for the first time in a decade.  My son, Hugo, was 3 months old and I was so excited to dress him up, that was until I tried to find a costume that was cute, fun, well made but most importantly soft, natural and comfortable enough for him to wear all day even during naps.  Nope.  I couldn’t find a single thing online or in-store that met all my needs.  So I decided to make one myself - thankfully my Mom (she’s Canadian so we spell it her way) and grandma Joy-Joy taught me to sew growing up – Hugo the Redback Spider was the result and a star at the Halloween party, even with 4 extra legs to deal with.

Of course, that was just the start. From there I made a reindeer for Christmas, a bunny for Easter and a penguin suit for my sister’s wedding – at 13 months he had a perfect waddle up that isle - each designed and created one costume at a time, dyed and stitched to be the most comfortable, soft and adorable thing I could think up for each of my own baby’s milestones.

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By this time I had requests from friends and family who loved my style and also the natural quality and wanted one for their babies or as gifts for baby showers and the new baby in their lives. With all this encouragement, I decided to start selling them on Etsy and see what happened – A LOT – people around the world loved them, and not only the ones that knew me.  Before long it was more than I could handle while still working part time, and I had to get help sewing to keep up. It was such a fun and exciting time, Lil’ Creatures had taken on a life of its own.

Fast-forward a few years and I had a second beautiful baby boy Tatum, had left my beloved design job in Melbourne, had a new home in Newcastle, an ex-husband, and all my eggs in one Lil’ Creatures basket – it was a challenging time with many changes and obstacles, but we survived and grew as both a person, mother and a business.

From this initial idea back in 2010, Lil’ Creatures has grown from a messy dining-table sewing side-hustle into the gorgeous collection we have today: a collection of beautiful gifts for baby showers, little loves, and new mums and have happy customers all over the world.  I just know you will love your Lil’ Creatures as much as I do.

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Baby Gifts that bring joy

My Lil' Creatures were made to be gifts. To bring huge smiles and untamed happiness to new mums, expecting parents and the lil' loves they were designed for.  We have gorgeous baby gift hampers for every baby occasion and put extra effort to make your presents shine. No matter if it’s a baby girl or a baby boy, or if it is still a surprise and you need gender neutral baby gift we have you covered. 

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SAVE THE KOALAS - With the help of my Lil' Creatures I'm so proud to are proud to be able to give back to the cute creature that has inspired our journey so much by adopting out very own Koala dow, Willow, and also donating to the Save The Koala Foundation!

RED NOSE AUSTRALIA - We are also so happy with our fundraising partnership with Red Nose Australia where $20 from the sale of every Lil' Ladybug is donated directly to help this amazing cause.  Red Nose Australia's mission is clear: Reduce nine deaths a day to zero.  Ensure those impacted by the death of a child have access to free bereavement support.  Provide safe sleeping and safe pregnancy education to every parent and carer in Australia.  See our Lil' Ladybug page for more info on how you can help!

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