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11 products

Making Magic Happen: Christmas Themed Gifts for Baby

Shopping for a little one? If you’re on the lookout for a special gift to celebrate the first holiday season of a new family member, Lil Creatures is an Australian company designed with parents and bubs in mind.

For the parents who want to capture their little one’s first Christmas with a fun-filled family day, our range includes gifts and costumes that are fun for everyone. Unsure about buying for a newborn or toddler? Check out some of our present recommendations below.


Australian-made Christmas Presents for Newborns

When shopping for someone so tiny, we recommend focusing on comfort. Helping parents mark a special occasion can help create memories that will last a lifetime.

Among our favourites, some great gift options include:

  • ‘First’ outfits: From first birthdays to their first holiday season, many families love capturing their child’s milestones. A special outfit is a great way to do that.
  • Themed hats and outfits: For the quirky family who wants to capture their personality and share it with the world, themed hats and outfits cater to adults and kids alike. (They also make for great photos, holiday cards and thank-you notes!)
  • Toddler presents: Shopping for someone a little more grown-up? By the time kids reach their toddler years, you can definitely start to shop for fun, safe – even educational – toys that will keep them entertained for hours. Want to help Mum or Dad out? Consider a sensory toy that can keep kids focused. Want to give something that will grow with them? Personalised plush toys and blankets are great keepsakes.

Let’s Celebrate Together: Capturing Your Most Important Moments

Lil Creatures was founded by an Aussie Mum who wanted to help other families mark their children’s most important moments. From jungle-themed animal hats to Christmas costumes for your baby, we can help you celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and more.

If you’re looking to create a personalised Seasons Greetings card this holiday season, our range has expanded to include matching adult-and-bub hats that are cute and quirky. From ‘My First Christmas’ outfits to locally made and safe gifts for little ones, we’re proud to grace the homes of families Australia-wide.