Every Parent’s Checklist for a Baby Girl

As adorable as your latest addition to the family – or someone special in your life’s little bundle of joy – can be, newborn girls need a lot of love and attention. From feeding to dressing, and everything in between – there are plenty of opportunities to prepare unique gifts that will make the parenting journey a lot smoother.

In this post, we’re putting forward a handy checklist that takes you through the vital things to keep front-of-mind. From basic considerations, through to gift opportunities and bits and pieces to keep bub happy, we’ve got you covered.

You can never have too many baby blankets

These must-have items go right to the top of any parent’s list. Aside from wrapping your little one up snugly, they’re also super handy as multi-purpose pieces that can be used as burp cloths, pram covers, playmats, and more.

We recommend choosing designs that are:

  1. Super soft and made from the highest quality breathable material – 100% Cotton is recommended.
  2. A large enough size to accommodate her as she grows – over 100cm square is best.
  3. Lightweight fabric that is easy care – machine washable, quick to dry and not too thick so it can be used year-round in all climates.

Bathing with care and attention

Babies are extra sensitive when they first come into the world, so bathing takes a lot of careful manoeuvering. A few quality items go a long way here, especially when they’re designed with love and attention-to-detail.

We suggest snatching up the following essentials to help you navigate this part of the parenting process:

  1. An infant tub: this is easy to set your little one up in and can be a safer option as it ensures there’s not too much water around, preventing slips and spills.
  2. Safe, gentle soaps and shampoos created explicitly for babies: these have the least chemicals involved and are far less likely to irritate sensitive skin. Finding natural, organic ingredients and brands is a nice touch that will also be appreciated if you're looking for a unique baby gift.
  3. Soft, absorbent towels that don’t scratch are a must. Her soft skin can be easily irritated with rough materials so these are ideal.

Toys and Teethers

It isn’t long before babies are looking for things to grasp, rattle and chew.  Baby teethers and toys are an important part of baby’s development by providing stimulation through look and touch, and helping baby with their fine motor skills, neck and core strength.

  1. Rattles: the gentle noise of rattles helps the infant improve hand eye coordination by stimulating their senses as they learn the cause and effect of their movements, as well as just being simple and fun.
  2. Teething toys: babies explore their surroundings with their mouth experiencing different textures and strengthening their tongue, jaw and cheeks in preparation for eating and talking. Teething toys that are non-toxic silicone or natural wood perfect for this and will also soothe babies’ gums when they start teething.
  3. Teething jewellery: “chewelry” is such a clever invention – something mum can wear every day and look stylish while always having something safe on hand to keep bub amused. There are many different kinds out there but we find the silicone bangles the best as they are safe for baby to chew unsupervised and styling for any mum with a range of colours, textures and style.

Clothing matters

Beyond bath towels and blankets, clothing is equally as important for your little girl (or someone else’s). Breathable, soft, and high-quality materials should be considered as a top priority when you’re shopping around, along with practical designs. Did we mention just how cute baby clothing is?

Stock up on essentials like:

  • Onesies: both short-sleeve and long-sleeve. She’ll live in these for the first few months. Look for practical options that can easily be unbuttoned.
  • Socks or booties: keep those lil’ feet warm while she’s cosy at home or out and about.
  • Scratch mittens: babies have sharp fingernails and very soft skin. It's best to keep these two features separate, and mittens do the job well to avoid painful scratches to the face.
  • Hats: keep her head warm and toasty in the colder months and when you're outside (not to mention, they’re )
  • Dresses: cute, stylish and perfect for a special occasion, dresses make for easy, versatile changes when you’re on-the-go.

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