Not Just a Cute Face: Koalas are More Interesting Than You Think

Amongst the most famous mammals in the world, these beautiful creatures are seen as fluffy and cuddly. But don't be deceived, they actually have very sharp teeth and claws.

It's no secret that at Lil' Creatures, we love all sorts of little animals – both real and small human ones in costumes. Through this passion of ours, we have learnt all kinds of interesting facts, and we’re keen to share them with you!

6 Interesting Facts About Koalas We Bet You Didn’t Know

They’re Endangered

These native mammals are indeed endangered, primarily due to their territory becoming smaller because of damage from catastrophic fires, habitat destruction and disease. Although they are being pushed closer towards extinction, the good news is that being able to adopt a koala –  as we have at Lil' Creatures –  is just one of the solutions to help turn this around.

They're Fussy Eaters

If you're a parent, chances are you have come across a fussy eater or two. Well, koalas are no different and they only eat one thing: eucalyptus leaves. While they only chomp on this one source for the nutrients, they do eat up to a kilogram a day, which is impressive. Even when it comes to these rather bland-looking leaves, they actually only consume 50 out of over 700 species of them.

They Sleep a Lot!

These sleepy inhabitants can easily be compared to a new baby or a teenager when it comes to rest. Because the leaves they eat are low in nutrients, they sleep more than most animals to help them conserve energy. While it is rumoured that the eucalyptus makes them a little dazed, this isn't actually true.

They Can Talk...Well, Kind Of!

Have you ever heard these native mammals talk to each other? Some refer to it as an unsettling sound. They communicate with each other with a snoring or belching noise, also referred to as a deep bellowing. Even though they are adorable, they can also be very noisy. While both female and males make these sounds, the calls are usually by the males who are looking to attract a mate. They’re also known to make snarling, squeaking and screaming noises. You can’t say they aren’t diverse.

Marsupials, not Bears!

The term ‘bear’ is often tossed around when it comes to these beautiful animals, and while they have similar characteristics, they are actually marsupials. While they have fluffy fur, bear-like ears and a big black nose, they are more similar to other marsupials, like wombats, rather than bears.

They don't have tails!

Despite what many koala toys and cartoons would have you believe, koalas don't actually have a visible tail at all. In the present time they don't have one but they did have one, once upon a time and vestiges of a tail are still present in the skeletal structure of the Koala, indicating that at some time in its evolutionary history an external tail was present. 

Bonus Fact - Your Purchase Goes Towards Saving These Native Icons

Did you know that anyone can adopt these near-extinct animals? At Lil' Creatures, when you purchase from us, $1 goes toward our sweet adopted doe called Tallara. With these native animals suffering more and more in their natural habitats, creating awareness and being proactive in supporting them is more important than ever. Help us contribute to a good cause by rounding up your purchase to the next dollar, at the checkout.