Memorable Ways to Announce a Pregnancy

Finding out you’re pregnant is one of those amazing, life-changing moments you’ll never forget, which could be why you’re searching for “unique ways to announce pregnancy” right now. Talk about exciting, and let’s face it, announcing a pregnancy is news that’s worthy of a celebration! It may be as big for your loved ones as it is for you, so join us as we share fun and exclusive ways to announce there’s a new baby on board.

baby gift boxes

First Things First: Telling Your Partner

This may be one of the most exciting, scary and joyous moments you’ll ever share. We love cute, funny announcements and have gathered our top three to get you giggling and planning – don’t forget the camera!

  1. Ask them to grab dinner out of the oven. Imagine their face when they take it out and it’s a bread bun on a tray. How long will it take for them to figure it out?
  1. Say it with a present: You might choose to wrap your pregnancy test or a newborn onesie up for your SO to unwrap. They might think it’s a new video game console, when in fact it’s something so much more exciting.
  1. The size game: Sit your partner down and ask them to hold their hand out. Put something the same size as your baby in their palm and ask them to guess what it is. When they guess incorrectly, tell them, “this is the size of our baby right now”.

Baby Milestone Cards

These are adorable and quirky cards to share the progress of your pregnancy in sweet, colourful ways. Check out our Baby Milestone Cards to share your journey until the baby is Earth-side and beyond. These are also perfect for social media photo props! 

The Big Reveal

If you’re further along and beginning to show a belly, why not gather friends and family to spread the news. Wear a baggy jumper to hide your growing baby, get your partner or friend to set up a camera on a timer, ask everyone to get into the photo and then take off your jumper to reveal a bump. Getting their reactions on video will be a timeless reminder of a memory you won’t want to forget.

The Guessing Game

This one is great if you’re using FaceTime or Zoom instead of being in person. Suggest playing a new fun game you found on the internet. Get the other person/people to think of a word and say it to you without making a sound. When it’s your turn, say “I’m pregnant” and let them guess what you’re saying. Their guesses will be hilarious and what a sweet moment it will be when they finally get it. 

One for the Grandparents

In the spirit of getting emotional, your parents may be some of the happiest people to find out about your news. In their eyes, the gift you’re about to give them is one incomparable to anything else. For their child to now be bringing a child into the world is so special and unique to them, so what better way to say it than with a customised mug, keyring or keepsake. We love the phrase “promoted from mum/ dad to nanna/ grandad”. Cue the tears!