Swap creepy and chilling for cute and cuddly this Halloween

It’s that time of year again where Halloween is fast approaching, but maybe it’s the perfect year to put away the witch's brooms and cobwebs and adopt a more adorable approach to liven up the occasion.

While October 31st may not seem like a priority at this point, there’s still plenty of preparation you can do to gear up for this spooky date on your calendar. The first cab off the rank is making sure you have your Halloween costume all ready to go. Leaving this too late can lead to disappointment as there is usually a flurry to get costumes in the lead up and stock is exhausted quickly meaning you and your family could miss out on the perfect ensemble.

Lil' Creatures stocks a wide range of adorable clothing and play options for babies, toddlers and children (as well as adults), covering every event and occasion that pops up across the year. However, our journey actually began with the excitement of Halloween.

Founder, Carly Byrne, had enjoyed a successful career as a textile and fashion designer for a leading Australian children's brand before deciding to focus on her growing family. An invitation to a Halloween party quickly turned from a golden opportunity to socialise into a nightmare.

Carly's son Hugo was just three months old, so she wanted to find a costume for him that would be comfortable, practical, as well as cute and safe for him to wear all day (even during naps), but upon her search she drew a complete blank. Casting a wide net, Carly found all the options available to her were awful synthetic things that would irritate little Hugo’s skin and overheat him, they also weren't the least bit cute and completely impractical for a real baby in the spirit of the occasion.

This inspired Carly. She channelled all her design skills to conjure up an adorable redback spider costume that was made from a cotton onesie – it was warm, breathable, safe and comfortable, and little Hugo was the hit of the party.

Seeing that gap in the market, Carly thought there was no reason why she couldn’t come up with a range of other adorable animal options for children at Halloween. From there, Lil' Creatures was born.

The benefits of ordering Lil' Creatures Halloween costumes

Costumes shouldn't be purely cosmetic, especially when you are dressing children and babies for big adventures. The Lil' Creatures range is not only designed to look adorable (and fulfil the 'spooky' part) but they also have plenty of room to move, lots of comfort and safety in all conditions.

These have been designed to last for the entire party, for the street parades, festivities, and the trick or treating, and to be hand-me-downed to the next lucky child. Other costumes may hold together long enough for a quick photo, but they may not necessarily withstand the test of time.

We stock a variety of costume and dress-up options. You can get a matching onesie and hat set across a range of adorable animal designs, including iconic Australian critters – like the koala, cockatoo and wombat. We also have other animal options available so your little one can be dressed up as a fox, bunny, chicken, ladybug and much more.

Don't think we forgot about the adults! There are also hat options for older children and parents alike, so you can all look the part together. Who doesn’t love a matchy-matchy full family dress up! Shop our range today, so your little one will be the sweetest part of Halloween in 2020.