That’s a Wrap: Muslin Wraps – Why They’re an Investment

Whilst there are many swaddle blankets on the Australian market, when it comes to babies, sleeping and comfort, Muslin Wrapping is the way to go.

At times when bub is grizzly or fussy, wrapping baby snugly in a Muslin cloth is a lifesaver. Also known as swaddling, the extremely soft yet durable and compressive blanket mimics the womb, where your little one remembers feeling warm, comfortable and safe.

Baby swaddle wraps are super useful for parents to carry around in the baby bag, no matter where you go. We all know that every square inch of space in a baby bag is like pure gold, so it’s even better than Muslin Wraps are simple to fold and stash away. Check out our Lil’ Koala Muslin Wrap – it’s made from 100% breathable cotton and is gently crafted to reduce the risk of over-heating whilst delivering on comfort and security.

baby muslin wraps

Benefits of Muslin Wrapping

  • Temperature Control: Babies aren’t born with the ability to regulate their own temps. Therefore, it’s easy for babies to become too hot – especially in the warmer months. Keeping baby swaddled makes sure they are safe and cosy while they sleep and the light, breathable muslin helps ensure they won’t overheat.
  • Safety First: We know that using blankets in the bassinet or crib isn’t safe, so swaddles remove the temptation to add extra blankets to the cot.
  • Protects Against the Startle Reflex: Babies are born with a strong Moro reflex and can jump at the slightest of sounds. Muslin Wrapping your bub prevents them from jerking their arms out when startled, often allowing them to go back to sleep quickly.
  • Security: As we mentioned, swaddling your baby makes them feel safe and secure, just like they were for nine months in the womb. This triggers an innate feeling of calm and promotes restful sleep (win-win!)

Swaddling: A Step by Step Guide

Here we share a handy guide to using your Muslin Wrap effectively:

  1. Unfold the Muslin Wrap onto a flat surface in a diamond shape (with the point at the top).
  2. Fold the top corner about one third of the way down to make a flat line.
  3. Pop baby on the swaddle wrap facing upwards, with their neck on the flat line just created - their feet should be pointed toward the bottom of the diamond.
  4. Taking baby’s left arm, place it straight down at their side and pull the left corner of the blanket over the body.
  5. Drape the Muslin Wrap blanket over their left arm and chest.
  6. Slightly roll baby to tuck the blanket behind the back – this covers baby’s left arm but leaves their right arm free.
  7. Take the bottom of the blanket and loosely bring it up over the baby’s body. Remember not to swaddle too tightly around the hips.
  8. Now tuck under the first fold under their chin and tuck any in loose bit of blanket.
  9. Finally, enjoy the tranquillity that comes with Muslin Wrapping your baby.

If you’re stuck for gift ideas, check out our extra-large and ultra-comfy Lil’ Koala Muslin Wrap and matching onesie. New parents will be thanking you for years to come!