The benefits of buying your baby gifts from an Australian small business

Lil' Creatures is a proudly Australian-owned and operated company and we are committed to us using local materials and employing local workers where we can.

While we want as many Australian parents to shop from our range as possible, we also want to play our role in generating more awareness and support of all local businesses and why we should be doing our bit to purchase from them for the betterment of our great country.

While we haven’t been able to produce everything in Australia, we have lots of Australian-made baby products and keep as much of the process local for our outfits too. All of our shipping and gift packaging and supplies are sourced in Australia, our quality control and gift-boxing is also all done locally in Newcastle for that extra peace of mind.

Why it is important to support local brands and Australian-based labels

We live in a globalised and connected world where it can be simple to purchase goods of all descriptions from all parts of the globe. With modern supply chains and payment platforms, it is very easy to have almost anything delivered to our door.

Despite this, it is vital that we remember the importance of shopping locally at times, as it does so much for all of us, not just the company you are purchasing from. Here are some of the major benefits of supporting locally based labels:

  • It helps the economy: At its simplest level, buying local means more money in our local communities, more jobs being created, and more economic growth across the nation – which benefits us all. And when you support small businesses, you are helping to improve communities by keeping the wealth hyperlocal rather than building the bottom line of a large corporation.
  • Onshore often means better quality: How many times have you purchased an item from overseas that does not match the image on the site where you made the purchase? Local companies have to be trustworthy and accountable, their credibility and longevity depend on it. You have a direct line of communication with them and their internet channels, so you are far more likely to get a genuine and superior product locally than from overseas.
  • You get better customer support: Purchasing items from around the world can be great – as long as everything goes to plan. When baby costumes don't fit or products are not what you expected, are faulty or damaged it can be an arduous process to have them replaced or to be refunded. On top of that, it can be difficult to speak to a real person just to learn more about the business and its products. Locally, you can speak directly with the company and have swift resolutions when and if any issues arise. For example, our team is based in Newcastle, Australia, allowing you to speak with our friendly Lil’ Creatures whenever you need to.
  • Better environmentally: Shopping locally with an Australian small business also means there is less demand for freight moving around the world and a smaller environmental footprint to your purchase. At Lil’ Creatures we also only use recycled, reused or recyclable and compostable packing for our orders where possible.

It is not worth the risk of shopping overseas for baby items

Preparing for your new arrival means lots of planning and you want to ensure that all deliveries are prompt and correct. In other cases, you may just be on the hunt for a quality baby gift from Australia that doesn’t let you down. For all the reasons mentioned previously, it is better to shop locally to ensure that is the case.

We believe this is one of the biggest benefits that the range at Lil' Creatures carries, providing gorgeous, unmatched quality than other alternatives across the global market.