Which kind of party should you throw your little one?

There’s not much in the world that’s more adorable than a themed party for your child. From jumping castles or face-painting to occasion-specific goodies (we’re talking filled-to-the-brim lolly bags), there’s plenty to love. As your child grows there are so many occasions worth celebrating as they go through their birthdays and milestones; the only question is: what kind of party will you throw?

Step one: Pick a theme

Getting a theme together is the perfect way to light up a little one's celebration. At the youngest of ages, themes bring about a sense of atmosphere and excitement, getting in the festive mood and the ability to fully immerse in the environment around them. 

However, picking a theme isn’t always easy.

The first thing we recommend is to consider safety, using this as a building block to form the rest of the occasion around. Choose something that’s not too complicated and is accessible to everyone who attends. Think minimal props (or kid-safe ones) that keep the antics at bay.

As for seasonal occasions, Easter, Christmas, and Halloween make these times easy, as the theme is usually more obvious to pin down with baby bunnies and Easter eggs, Christmas trees and red-nosed reindeer, or spooky spiders and cute ghosts. However, if you are looking for something a little different, you’ll need to think outside the box.

We recommend considering first and second birthday party themes that include:

  • A colour or pattern – for example, rainbow, or pastel colours – use it in your decorations and party invite as well as the birthday boy or girls outfit.
  • Cartoon character parties - these are always a hit
  • Animal dress-ups – let them come in their favourite baby animal costumes and carry the colour palette throughout the decorations including napkins, balloons and streamers! Ladybug with it’s bright colours and red and polka dots make a fun and easy to do theme, or a Koala with gum leaves and grey and white party accessories.
  • Environment-specific – an Australian themed party with koalas, fairy bread and lamingtons, or a Woodland themed party with foxes and bunnies, or what about a Outer Space theme with soda-bottle jet packs and hanging painted planets. Some simple DYI decorations, printables and costumes can make these party themes unforgettable!
  • Fairytale themes – from princes to princesses, castles, dragons, and unicorns; the options are endless.
  • Other ideas – a Strawberry themed party, or mini Tea Party with mini sandwiches and apple juice in mini teacups. Construction theme with yellow and black and diggers galore, or dinosaurs… the ideas are endless.

It takes a little bit of imagination, but you will find the end result is a rewarding moment you’ll never forget.

Step two: the dress code

Once you’ve decided on a theme, it’s time to set the dress code. Little kids love to hang about in onesies and costumes, but you can go beyond this. If you enjoy DIY, you can experiment with colour and shapes and get crafty by creating their own handmade outfit. There’s plenty to prepare for!

For those that like to have something ready to go, our baby animal costumes are a hit, and we even have animal hats and tails for older ages (even Mum and Dad). Best of all, they’re super comfy.

Step three: fun and games

Parties aren’t complete without all the antics involved. If you’re catering to toddlers, the go-to ‘duck duck goose’ or ‘musical statues’ are still great classics to choose from (did we mention ‘pass the parcel’?). For babies and toddlers, a bubble machine is sometimes all you need for party entertainment!

Tip: If you’re feeling creative, a sensory experience featuring a soft, safe maze or pillow fort might just fit the scene and bring out the biggest of imaginations.

Ultimately, the age range of your kids will help you decide what kind of party you want to throw. Little ones don't need much to bring out their creativity. Everything they encounter is a learning experience, which often starts with the atmosphere around them.